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    Rival Hockey Sponsorship


    The main thing we're looking for is exposure. You don't necessarily have to play at a top level of hockey to achieve this. By promoting us on social media e.g. TikTok & Instagram, you can generate a large amount of exposure. We recommend all of our sponsors to consider posting about Rival as much as possible on social media!

    This completely depends on which level of sponsorship you are offered.聽Our sponsorships range anywhere from 10% to 100% discount on gear & equipment. Your passion for the sport and potential for a long term partnership is something we consider heavily before deciding this.

    Since our goal is to create long term partnerships, we hope to sponsor our players for as long as possible. Initial sponsorship offers are typically for 12 months, but can easily be extended and upgraded based on your performance!

    The level of hockey you play at isn't the only thing we assess when sponsoring players. In fact, the biggest thing we look for is genuine passion for the sport. So no matter your level, you stand a great chance at working with us if you really love hockey.

    Yes absolutely! If you're more of a coach than a player, we would still absolutely love to work with you as coaches can be a great way to gain exposure for the brand, as well as support you in your hockey coaching journey.

    Definitely not! Despite the fact that we're based in the UK, we sponsor a wide variety of players around the world. So don't be shy to apply!

    There are no age restrictions on our sponsorships! We accept applications from junior players, all the way up to seasoned veterans.

    If you have any questions about our sponsorships, please don't hesitate to get in touch at


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