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    About Us

    The Rival Hockey Story.

    Rival Hockey was founded in 2020 by George McCormick, a passionate hockey player from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. "I was honestly tired of trying to find a hockey stick that was genuinely right for me. There was always a lot of guess work behind picking a new hockey stick and I got so fed up, I decided to design my own. I wanted to create a brand that made it easy to find the perfect hockey stick. A brand that had a clear focus on performance first, before profit".

    That's how the idea started... but the vision grew into something much bigger.

    At Rival, our sole purpose it to make hockey equipment that makes you a better player. We set out to create specialist equipment that feels like it was made, just for you! A tricky task, but we weren't afraid of the challenge...

    We spend hundreds of hours researching and interviewing players to identify lots of different play styles that a lot of players share. From there, we set out to design exclusive sticks that would specifically cater to the needs of those play styles and increase performance. 

    Imagine a wouldn't buy one that feels far too big, or far too tight. So why would you buy a hockey stick that doesn't feel right? Our sticks are designed to fit you like a glove, by catering to your deepest hockey needs as a player. 

    The vision behind Rival hockey is simple. We get that every player is unique and has different needs, wants and expectations when it comes to equipment. 

    So our goal is to identify those needs, meet them...and most importantly allow you to push your limits as a player.



    So what's next for Rival?

    So far, we've created a unique range of equipment that caters to lots of different play styles. But we're not stopping there. Since every player is unique, we know there are lots more untapped play styles that we might not have catered to yet. We're going to keep pushing ourselves to cater to more and more play styles to ensure every player can easily find their perfect match with Rival. 

    We're also taking a stand when it comes to hockey equipment. We're not just another brand that will release a new colour of stick every year, slightly tweaked from the old model and then call it 'new'.  When it comes to releasing more equipment, our focus is on one thing and one thing only. It's not's innovation!

    Therefore our promise to you is that we will only release new equipment when we are actually creating something different and innovative. We want to be considered as a leader in the hockey space...and we won't get there without doing things differently.