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    Distributor/Brand Manager: Netherlands & EU

    Rival Hockey are seeking a distributor/brand manager for the Netherlands + EU market. An ideal candidate or business would be located in the Netherlands and have the logistics capabilities to service the entire European market (Excluding UK + Ireland). 

    As you will be aware, Brexit has increased the complexity of shipping from the UK into Europe, so our new distributor would solve these issues by shipping to customers directly from the Netherlands. 

    We are offering this opportunity to just 1 individual/business to own exclusive rights for this large market, so it's a huge opportunity. Rival actively does not stock in any retailers so that we can pass on supply chain savings directly to customers. This means you will be the one and only source for Rival products in your market.

    So what is involved in being a distributor/brand manager?

    • Service our European markets by being the main distributor and point of contact for Rival products
    • Handle customer service enquiries for the respected market. 
    • Own and manage a dedicated Rival website for the EU (We will assist with setup). 

    What are the benefits?

    • Rival already has huge demand in the EU. By removing the shipping and customs complexities, you will be able to capitalise on this market.
    • Rival will provide you with excellent wholesale rate for all of our products. You keep all of the profits!
    • Due to our large marketing reach, you won't have to go out looking for customers, we already have the demand that will come your way. 

    Who would be suitable for the role?

    • We are ideally looking for an individual or business that has strong knowledge of the hockey market. 
    • Based in the Netherlands with adequate storage space to hold stock. 
    • A good knowledge of logistics + Shopify would be a bonus
    • Investment capital required in order to purchase stock at wholesale rates from us.

    If this sounds good, please contact us on the below form and we can begin to discuss the opportunity in more detail.